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W.B.Fowler Industries also produces the multi-purpose electrical HandyWaiter, a dumbwaiter that is able to travel as much as 40 feet vertically. We have designed the unit to lift 200 pounds at a speed of 28 feet per minute. The car can be custom built to suit our customer's needs. The maximum being 26 inches X 26 inches. The car floor may be as low as 34 inches above the existing floor at it's lowest level.

The shaft area, where the lifting device operates, must be lined with fireproof material. The car is moved up and down the track by means of a number 35 roller chain with a 2100 pound burst strength. A safety brake is built into the car in case of an unforeseen loss of lift. Limit switches control the car at each level.

This dumbwaiter is built in 6 foot sections with the first section of track holding the motor, gearbox and electrical control panel. A drawing of the area where the Handywaiter is to be installed would be helpful to us.

W.B. Fowler has installed HandyWaiters as a perfect solution for many locations:
- Restaurants for multifloor dining
- Private Clubs for drinks service
- Retirees for grocery lift up flights of stairs
- Flood zone areas for supply lift to second floor

The HandyWaiter is ideal wherever homes are built on pilings, such as  flood zone areas.

Click here for advantages of the Handywaiter for homes on pilings.

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