Installation Instructions for both Top & Bottom mounted motors

  • Before Installing the Handy Waiter please make sure that the shaft area is lined with fireproof materials adequate for your local zoning bylaws. (This is uniquely to prevent the shaft acting as a chimney if a fire occurs)
  • Install the first modular section. This section should be secured central of the trackside of the shaft. The following numbered sections stack on top of each other to the top of the shaft and must also be secured to the shaft.
  • Carefully unroll the chain that is located in the car. Thread the chain over the top sprocket, being careful not to twist it, to the bottom of the unit. To make this easier, now lift the car approximately 4 or 5 inches and install the chain around the bottom sprocket so that the weight of the car is resting on the chain, this allows easier installation of the threaded rod into the 5/16” hole on the bracket of the car. Now install the nut, then adjust the chain until it is relatively taut. Again check that there are no twists and that the chain is roughly parallel to the track. Then connect the spring to the idler.
  • Mount the yellow recoil cord on the bracket beside the motor gear box.
  • Reinstall the screw and washer and insert the numbered electrical plug in the appropriate location.
  • The Master control panel is attached to the motor via a large black power cord. It should be mounted on the wall near the motor. Access should be via a separate door near the master panel for servicing. Power is 120 Volt and should be on a separate 15-amp circuit breaker. The 24-volt control panels are attached via connectors that are numbered. By connecting like  numbers you can complete the installation of all the control panels.
  • Install the door striker & door safety switches as indicated on the enclosed diagrams.

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